SQL Server Health Check

Looking for a SQL Server Health Check?  Whether you have one 1 SQL Server or 100, there are numerous reasons to perform a Health Check.  Performance problems, getting ready for an upgrade, or maybe you've inherited somebody else's servers?  Whatever it is, we will review your SQL Servers end to end. The network, the storage, the security, the installation and configuration, the database objects, maintenance, and more.  We will identify any problems, and either provide you the recommended corrections, or perform the corrections ourselves.  

How do we do it? 
  1. We collect a series of data from your SQL Servers, targeting core areas such as Configuration, Performance, Reliability, Security and more.  
  2. We analyze the collection, and formalize our findings based on very simple, common place better practices -- applicable in all supported versions of MSSQL Server.  
  3. We will present the findings to your Team;  Explaining what the problems are, how to correct them, and how to prevent them from recurring.
  4. If desired, we can also perform the corrective measures ourselves.

All efforts can be performed remotely, and most Health Checks are completed in just 3 days.  A flat rate is charged for the health check without corrections, yet additional costs apply if we also perform the corrective actions. If you are interested, please start out by completing this questionnaire, and emailing it back to me at rebecca@sqlfingers.com.  We will then schedule a free consultation to discuss your SQL Server environment, and any problems you may be having.  

Our goal is to eliminate any worries that you may have about SQL Server.  Let us worry about your servers, so that you can focus on your business.

Please give me a call.  I look forward to speaking to you.

ph 708-277-8933

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