Sunday, January 2, 2011

Compare Database Table Counts

Say you've got two databases, supposed to be identical..... use this method to compare table counts across both databases.  You will create a 'countcompare' working table in both databases, collect the counts explicitly, and then join the two working tables, to compare the counts.  You will run steps 1 and 2 in both databases, and then run step 3 to join the working tables, and compare the counts.  (Your servers must be linked.)

/* 1. drop/recreate countcompare (working table) */
  use databasename;
  if object_id('countcompare','u')>0
  drop table countcompare;
  create table countcompare (
  tablename varchar(50),
  recordcount int

/* 2. collect table counts */
  use databasename;
  declare @tabcnt int
  declare @printline char (60)
  select @tabcnt = count (*) from sysobjects where type = 'U'

  If @tabcnt != 0
   insert dbo.countcompare(tablename,recordcount)
   select 'TABLE NAME'= convert (varchar (50),, 
   from sysobjects o, sysindexes i
   where o.type = 'U'
   and =
   and i.indid in (0,1)
   order by

  select @printline = '(' + convert (varchar(10), @tabcnt) +'    
  tables in ' + DB_NAME() + ')'

  print ''
  print @printline

/* 3. local db joined to otherServer.otherDB, return table counts side by side. */
  select a.tablename,a.recordcount,b.recordcount 
  from localDB.dbo.countcompare a 
  join otherserver.otherDB.dbo.countcompare b
   on a.tablename = b.tablename
  and a.recordcount <> b.recordcount 

NOTE:  You can pull that last line out, if you want to see all table counts, instead of just the ones that vary.

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