Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Msg 3241, The media family on device 'XXXX' is incorrectly formed.

I was restoring some databases recently, and ran into an error I wanted to share with my readers. I had backed up both Report Server databases, and copied the bak files to the DR server, where I intended to restore both as a redundancy. The backups worked just fine, but the RESTORE failed with the error in the post title.  This is the statement and the error:

Odd. I had just created the bak file myself. Haven't had any problem writing TO the disk, so how could it be corrupt? I decided to create another backup and attempted the restore again -- same error. Off to Google.... surprising how many posts I find on the same error, but the causes just did not fit mine --

So I backed out of everything and reviewed my logic, and recognized that my backup type was wrong. As you know, we do the RESTORE from different backup file types.  I was attempting to RESTORE from a .bak, but had the 2 in my statement, which is for the trn. 

After I corrected the backup file type to 1, for database backup, I was able to RESTORE from ReportServerTempDBLog.bak without error.  Same statement, just a correct file type.

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