Saturday, May 12, 2018

Where is the 'Execute Task' option in my SSIS package?

Yesterday I showed a developer how to execute the SSIS package components selectively within Visual Studio.  Just right click the task within the Control Flow tab, and choose 'Execute Task'.

Very simple, except then I received this email from him:

    I don’t see the “execute task” option—am I doing it wrong or is it permissions?

No.  It's not permissions.  The problem here is that he only had the package open.  The 'Execute Task' option will only appear if you've opened the Project or Solution first, and then opened the package.

Within VS, go to File, Open,  Project/Solution, and browse to the appropriate location for project (.dtproj) or solution (.sln) file.  Once that is open, make sure the Solution Explorer is visible on the right, and open the package from SSIS Packages.  He did that, and the 'Execute Task' option reappeared.

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